The Ancient Jew Review is a non-profit web journal devoted to the study of ancient Judaism. In this respect, AJR incorporates scholarship from a wide range of fields, including Hellenistic, Roman, Sasanian, and Persian history, Biblical Studies, ancient Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism, and the Second Temple period. AJR showcases and curates content from these respective fields. By bringing together scholars across disciplinary lines, we survey the state of the field and promote conversation about future avenues of research.


AJR Editors


Krista Dalton is a PhD candidate at Columbia University.          

Simcha Gross is a PhD candidate at Yale University.  

Nathan Schumer is a Postdoctoral Fellow at JTS.

Erin Galgay Walsh is a PhD candidate at Duke University.                    


AJR Advisory BOARD

Sarit Kattan Gribetz is Assistant Professor of Rabbinic Judaism at Fordham University.

Andrew Jacobs is Professor of Religious Studies at Scripps College.

Ellen Muehlberger is Associate Professor of Christianity in late antiquity at the University of Michigan.

Annette Yoshiko Reed is Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Beth A. Berkowitz is the Ingeborg Rennert Associate Professor of Jewish Studies in the Department of Religion at Barnard College. 

Sarah E. Bond is an Assistant Professor in Classics at the University of Iowa.

Aaron M. Butts is Assistant Professor of Syriac at the Catholic University of America. 

Cavan Concannon is Assistant Professor of Early Christianity at the University of Southern California.



Ancient Jew Review is an American Academy For Jewish Research grant recipient.